Day Six

Monday. Lousie Maceiewski conducts a fresco workshop for us at our hotel.


Day Four

On Saturday, with the pochade boxes and panel carriers we made back in April on our backs, and praying for a break in the weather, we set off on foot to start painting, beginning with a demonstration. Sally does her first painting ever!

(Photo credits: Katasha Ross)

Day Three

Our first walkabout in Cortona with stops at the Etruscan Museum, and the Museo Diocesano to study Fra Angelico, Duccio and Signorelli. After lunch we climb to the top of Cortona, crowned by the Fortezza Girifalco. Our homeward path takes us along Gino Severini’s mosaics for the Fourteen Stations of the Cross.

(Photo credits: Chelsea Dipman, Sonja Petermann, Katasha Ross, Frank Hobbs)

Day Two

Arrival in Rome and on to Cortona. Ominous weather awaits. Just two weeks before, snow fell on Mt. Sant’Egidio above Cortona. The spring of 2013 has been one of the wettest on record. Fingers crossed at this point.


Day One

At the Charlotte airport waiting to board our flight to Rome.

(Photo credits: Katasha Ross, Frank Hobbs)