Landscape Painting in Italy

Professor Frank Hobbs


This two-week travel learning course offers students a unique opportunity to build on initial experiences with landscape painting by traveling and painting on site in Italy, while studying the history, critical theories, and practices of the art form that developed there in the mid 19th and 20th centuries. Of particular focus will be the paintings of the Macchiaioli, a group of Tuscan artists who were important in the development of Italian practices in landscape painting following the unification of Italy. Students will engage and develop their own skills in landscape painting while gaining knowledge of the Italian tradition of that art form, as well as the role played by landscape images in shaping the cultural identity of Italy in the aftermath of the Risorgimento. We will also study 20th century developments of landscape painting in the work of Giorgio Morandi, Di Chirico, Balthus, and others. Traveling to Italy will enable students to study the paintings of these artists in their country of origin while working on site in many of the same spots where they, and other historically significant artists, painted.



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